Carat To Ratti Converter

A Ratti is a traditional Indian unit of measurement for mass. Most astrologers/pundits provide recommendation in ratti weight. In India people generally buy and sell gemstones according to Ratti weight but there is no weighing machine to measure Ratti. Therefore it is strongly advised to buy gemstones only according to Carat weight. Carat is a standard measurement unit.

Let us understand the value of Carat and Ratti

1 Gram1000 Milligram
200 Milligram1 Carat
182.25 Milligram1 Ratti
1 Ratti0.91 Carat (Approx)
1 Kachi Ratti0.60 Carat (Approx)

Below is Carat to Ratti Converter:

Kachi Ratti
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